Zhuhai Jingding Technology Co.,LTD


About Us

Zhuhai Jingding Technology Co., LTD is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the field of energy storage, aimingtoempower our users in a safe, convenient and renewable way. Our products include Portable Power Station, HouseholdPower Supply Solar System, Solar panels and Inverters. What’s more, we can provide one-stop solutionservice, fromindustry design, structural design, mould design, electronic design to product assembly. We have complete industrial chain to provide integrated production. Zhuhai Jingding Technology Co., LTDdedicatestosolve the problems like outdoor camping, emergency back-up power, emergency power outage, cost of householdelectricity consumption, to help people across the world to live without limits. Zhuhai Jingding Technology Co., LTD is a group company which includes a mold manufacturing factory, across-bordere-commerce company, a PCBA design company and a made-up product assembling factory. Our mission is to be a leading provider globally in Power Station Energy solutions.

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