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Purmars (Zhuhai Jingding Technology Co., LTD) took part in the 133rd Canton Fair: Focus on clean energy storage technology innovation, development of intelligent ecological matrix

Purmars focuses on quality and innovation, bringing the latest energy storage technologies and products to technophiles around the world

After three years, the Canton Fair has fully resumed its offline exhibition, which holds in three phases from April 15 to May 5, 2023, while the online platform will operate normally throughout the year. It is reported that this Canton Fair exhibition area and the number of exhibitors have hit a record high. The exhibition area has expanded significantly, growing from 1.18 million square meters to an impressive 1.5 million square meters. Moreover, the number of booths has risen to nearly 70,000, witnessing an increase from the previous 60,000 count. Offline exhibition enterprises have surged to 34,933, with an impressive addition of over 9,000 new exhibitors. Furthermore, the number of online exhibition enterprises has reached a remarkable figure of 39,281.

Purmars’ new energy products became one of the highlights of the exhibition. With the increasing energy crisis in Europe, outdoor power products also attracted the attention of many media, manufacturers and consumers due to their green, environmental friendly and portable characteristics.

At this exhibition, Purmars launched the latest portable series of energy storage products — P300 Portable Power Station/P600 Portable Power Station/P600 Portable Power Station with speaker/B1200 Portable Power Station. We make huge innovation in charging speed, battery capacity, power safety and portable design which help bring a new outdoor electricity experience for our users.

In terms of charging efficiency, we use solar panel charging, car charging and wall charging to realize the freedom of electricity consumption anytime and anywhere.

In terms of battery capacity and cycle life, Purmars energy storage products use LiFePO4 battery pack, with high capacity and long cycle life, up to 2,000 times, which is in the industry leading level.

In terms of electricity safety, the shell of Purmars energy storage products is made of fireproof material, which has high temperature resistance and strong safety performance. Secondly, our products are made of environmentally friendly materials and have passed the ROHS certification. The cell adopts LiFePO4 battery, which has good high temperature resistance and safety performance. What’s more, purmars products also provide overload protection, low temperature protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, overcurrent protection and other protection functions.

In the terms of appearance design, it fully considers the comfort of carrying and the flexibility of storage, and won the French Design Award and the German Reddot Design Award in 2023.

Purmars has gained the attention of many authoritative media, which is a great recognition of our brand. In the future, our company insists on concerning with users’ needs and contributing to the popularization of global green energy.


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