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Responding to the new demand for home energy storage, Purmars H-series household power station will be coming soon.

Purmars will soon launch 3000W&5000W home power station with intelligent control system

Home energy storage system, also called battery energy storage system, its core includes batteries and inverters to realize the intelligent management and control of all power generation and power consumption equipment of home energy. For users, the home photovoltaic storage system can eliminate the adverse impact of power outages on normal life while reducing the cost of electricity consumption. For the grid, home energy storage devices that support unified dispatch can alleviate the power shortage during peak hours and provide frequency correction for the power grid.

Facing the driving factors of new demand for household energy storage in various markets, our company plans to launch the H-series household power station in September, respectively 3000W and 5000W, and we have made great innovations in capacity, intelligent application and efficiency, for example,

  • H-series adopts stacked design of LiFePO4 battery. Bidirectional DCDC adopts resonant soft switching topology, bidirectional inverter adopts silicon carbide scheme, which is small in size and with high efficiency, 15% more energy density to store more power.
  • With mobile phone APP control function, users can realize the entire home energy control, home energy data monitoring and load balancing and other intelligent functions on the APP.
  • Adopt full digital control, compatible with a variety of working modes, intelligent management, to achieve the highest economic benefits.

Let’s look forward to it together, which will bring you a new home energy storage experience.


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