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How To Pick the Best Lithium Battery Home Backup?

How To Pick the Best Lithium Battery Home Backup?


When buying a lithium battery home backup system, the capacity of the backup power supply system should be taken into account. Otherwise, the investment of lithium battery is a waste and will not be able to benefit to the maximum from the home backup system. It is advisable to calculate the energy needs and choose the right battery to supply power to the dwelling. According to the energy needs, people can purchase one or multiple batteries to increase the capacity. And the batteries generally can be stacked together.
Batteries have excellent capacities to store electrical energy measured in milliampere-hours. People might recognize the unit in its short form, mAh.
Here are several guides to making a lithium battery purchase and saying goodbye to voltage interruptions.

lithium battery home backup

Efficient performance

When looking for a lithium battery home backup mechanism, its efficiency should be taken into account. To be exact, round-trip efficiency is the amount of electricity that enters the battery system. Its capacity is reviewed in the next step as a percentage. If the percentage is high, there is little energy loss from storage.
For example, a battery is taking 100 kilowatts of energy. However, its output is 75 kWh. With relevant calculations, its round-trip efficiency is 75%. If you are experiencing a lower efficiency, you may need to contact a professional immediately and replace the battery or other components.




When customers are looking for a lithium battery home backup, its lifespan should be taken into account. Batteries will lose their capacities during being used. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a battery that mentions the warranty period and after service in the warranty card.
Home backup system from Purmars deliver customers an excellent using experience. Purmars has long warranty period and after-sale warranty measures.




When customers are looking for a lithium battery home backup, compatibility should be taken into account. Otherwise, there is a risk that the home backup energy storage system may not work. Therefore, purchasing the battery and backup power supply system from the same manufacturer is advised.
More information you can browse the PurMars website for portable power stations, home power supply generator, electronics, solar panels, inverters, and other accessories based on lithium battery home backup system. With lithium battery home backup system, you can play your favorite movie or bake your favorite cake in the kitchen while your neighborhood is in dark.



When browsing for a lithium battery home backup system, the total cost should be taken into account. The final amount may vary according to the model, quantity, quality, warranty, installation and taxes.
Lithium battery home backup systems are an investment that will pay off in the long run. So, the price of the product itself is not the only consideration. It is more advisable to think about the problems that come with repair and maintenance.

lithium battery home backup

Defend Your Home Against Power Outages


Power outages and voltage fluctuations will bring damages to your home. For example, it may compromise the performance of devices and other appliances such as televisions, fridges, and ovens. It may also hurt the entertainment and security systems too.
Therefore, it is quite important to have a lithium battery home power backup system which can rescue your home from darkness and protect your home from damages caused by power outages or voltage fluctuations.


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